Facikono Lures for Bass Jig Head Soft Swimbait, 6-Pack 6 Colors Plastic Bait for Saltwater/Freshwater Fishing



Brand: Facikono


  • Soft Swimbaits: Made of environmental friendly quality soft plastic, jig head fishing lures are soft, light but durable with fishy smell to attract freshwater / saltwater fishes.
  • Lifelike Culter Bait: Lead jig soft lure features realistic 3D laser fish eyes, plump trout shaped fish mouth, fish scale and fins to imitate the real culter fish.
  • Big Soft Tail: Soft and flexible big tail strongly swings and creates natural swimming action in water can easily attract bass, trout, perch, crappie, pike, walleye, mandarinfish, etc.
  • Jig Head Fishing Lure: A lead block jig hook inside the head; a triple hook with a squashed double connecting ring (an optional hook hanger)at the abdomen; reasonable counterweight designed for long casting, deep sinking and high catching rate.
  • What You Get: Package comes with 6 PCS lead jig fishing baits in 6 colors (blue, green, silver, white, red-white and black-red). Each bass lure is 3.54in long and weighs 0.31oz.

Package Dimensions: 8x94x68

Details: Embossing Fins and Scales  There are lifelike convex scales on each jig head fishing lure’s skin, two fins on both sides as well. This exquisite craftsmanship makes the lure more vivid.  

Laser Sequins  The silver color jig head fishing lure has laser sequins inside the body, so that the whole fish lure can be very reflective under light to attract fish.  

Replaceable Treble Hook  Apart from the jig hook, there is a 1.5cm long and 0.7cm wide barbed treble hook attached to each fishing lure to avoid escaping. Besides, due to the connecting ring, you can replace with other fishing hooks.  

Freshwater / Saltwater Lure  Lures for bass, crappie, carp, pike, trout, walleye, salmon, panfish, pike, etc.  
Specification: 9cm / 3.54in 

What’s in the bag:   1 blue jig lead soft fishing lure 
1 silver jig lead soft fishing lure 
1 green jig lead soft fishing lure 
1 white jig lead soft fishing lure 
1 red-white jig lead soft fishing lure 
1 black-red jig lead soft fishing lure

UPC: 750440513577